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Stitched Photo Mosaic Quilting

A Unique Grid Technique for Piecing Images into Beautiful Quilts

Turn a Favorite Photo into a One-of-a-Kind Quilt

An approachable guide to creating stunning portrait quilts, Stitched Photo Mosaic Quilting walks you through this original technique to make the process super simple and accessible! Learn to make one-of-a-kind, personalized quilts by applying author and award-winning quilter Timna Tarr's prepared-edge applique technique to your very own photos. Featuring detailed, skill-building sections on color and fabric choices, construction techniques, troubleshooting, finishing, and more. Stitched Photo Mosaic Quilting also includes two super simple beginner projects to get you started and four more step-by-step projects with photo and grid templates, so you can practie and develop your own take on this unique style. Discover a whole new way to quilt and equip yourself with the skills to make your own custom designs!

What's inside this book:

  • Comprehensive guidance on color and fabric choices, prepared-edge applique, and more
  • Technique tutorials on how to grid a photo, make a template, finish a quilt, and other skills
  • Six step-by-step quilt projects - from super simple to challenging - with coordinating photography, original photos, and grid templates
  • An sinpirational gallery of author Timna Tarr's art
"As a master teacher, Timna breaks down color theory and her design process, allowing quilters to make their own special customized quilts. This book is loaded with tips, techniques, and inspiration you can use fo projects beyond mosaic quilts." -Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill, Whole Circle Studio

"In Stitched Photo Mosaic Quilting, Timna shares her best tips and tricks to make a beautiful quilt from a favorite photograph. This book gives me so much inspiration to do something with all those cute pictures I have on my phone of my cat!" -Blair Stocker, Wise Craft Handmade

"Timna Tarr is the master of mosaic quilting.
" - Scott Fortunoff, President of the Jaftex Companies

"It's so exciting to hold a masterclass from Timna in my hands! This book is packed with abundant examples and how-to pictures, as well as robust troubleshooting sections. Timna is a whiz at color and value, and her chapters covering this impart so much helpful info for ALL your quilting projects to come." -Sam Hunter (MFA), Hunter's Design Studio

"Everyone who uses Stitched Photo Mosaic Quilting will benefit from the author's comprehensive yet easily readable advice about composition, color, and fabric construction." -Sandra Sider, Editor of Art Quilt Quarterly