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Zigzag Rope Sewing Projects

16 Home Accessories to Make with a Simple Stitch

Learn the easy & exciting craft of sewing with Rope

A complete guide to this fun craft, Zigzag Rope Sewing Projects is perfect for anyone looking to try something new with their scraps! With this book, not only will you develop versatile sewing skills, but you'll also discover your own unique style and endless possibilities. Opening with informative overviews on materials, supplies, techniques, stitching tips, and more, this book also provides thorough tutorials to help you get started with the basics of sewing rope. From there, have fun sewing a collection of coasters, bowls, plant stands, baskets, tote bags, and other functional but beautiful projects. The perfect beginner-friendly guide, Zigzag Rope Sewing Projects will open the door to a whole new world in crafting that's easy, fun, and fast!

  • Learn to coil rope and make 16 durable and decorative bags, bowls, baskets, trivets, and other accessories and home decor items
  • Provides insightful sections on the basics of rope sewing, advanced shaping techniques and lots of finishing ideas to add unique details
Author Katherine Lile is the owner of The Mountain Thread Company, a shop that specializes in coiled rope baskets and high-quality quilting cottons. She is a 4th generation quilter, having started sewing in preschool.

"Katherine brings her expertise, wit, and contagious enthusiasm to life in this complete guide to all things rope." -Lee Chappell Monroe, Sewing Teacher and Author; Founder of

"Such a thorough and fun book! I found myself learning something new on every page. This book is a phenomenal resource on rope sewing!" -Brittany Llyod, Quilt Pattern Designer and Founder of Lo & Behold Stitchery and Beginner Quilting Academy